Georgia Cradle of Wine

Georgia Cradle of Wine

With more than 500 grape varieties and eight millennia of viticulture history, Georgia is one of the most up and coming wine producing countries in the world. Welcome to the wonderful world of Georgian wine.
Georgian wine isn’t only unique due to its drinking rituals and its significant number of indigenous grape varieties, but also thanks to its production method.
The traditional Qvevri winemaking method is up 8000 years old and is still in use.
Cité des Civilisations Du Vin in Bordeaux, France hosted the exhibition “Georgia – the Cradle of Wine”. Georgia was the first invited country to the Cité des Civilisations Du Vin in Bordeaux. Within the framework of the exhibition, unique archeological and ethnographic samples from the Georgian National Museum were presented, confirming that Georgia is the country of the most ancient wine civilization.
Qvevri jars which is made with clay is in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage listing. Although it accounts for a small share of the country's wine production, this ancient method is gaining more and more attention both locally and internationally and is the country's some kind of business card.
If you want to become an organic part of Georgian traditions and culture, get acquainted with the culture of viticulture and share the customs of hospitality, then you should take part in the grape harvest process, which begins at the end of September and lasts for several weeks.
Where, after a pleasant day, you will have the opportunity to taste wonderful Georgian dishes with wine.